How To Wash Our Knits

💕How to wash our knits 💕

I’ve had a few people ask the best way to wash our knits and wanted to just make a post about it. 🙂

230g cotton is the highest grade knit cotton, it is thick, soft, absorbent and very breathable. The higher grade cotton you get, the more you will need to care for how it’s washed.

All of our knits have care tags inside that say DO NOT wash with dark colors. This is probably the most important step and this is due to how thick and absorbent the cotton is. Only wash these knits with light colors or by themselves. To be extra safe I recommend washing them alone.

They do not need to be hand washed, they can be washed on the regular COLD wash cycle. Again, it’s best to wash the item alone.

Lay flat to dry.